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Gorgeous portraits – pain free!

You are probably here because you’ve heard about my portraits and wanted to find out more information. You will (hopefully) find all of the info you need somewhere on this page, if you get to the end and still have questions please get in touch, I’ll be more than happy to help.

If you are here because a friend had a portrait created by me and you think you’d like one too, but you find the prospect of being photographed a bit scary, you are in the right place.

If you don’t have a photograph of you that you really love, but really would like one. You’re definitely in the right place!

We will make it enjoyable

More than half of the people that come to me do so because they aren’t keen on having their photograph taken, but have overcome the resistance and they always leave glad that they did.

So what’s the difference between me and other studios? Well there’s lots, but the main one for most of my clients is that I take the time to let you relax, the team are quite chilled and that helps your nerves melt away. That’s *really* important because the more relaxed you are the more you will like your photographs, and that’s exactly what you want isn’t it? When you come for your portraits you’re not part of a production line with only a short period of time, you’re with us for around 3 hours, about two of those you’ll spend chatting, relaxing and having your make up done before we start to photograph you.

It’s not just about photographs

Many of my clients report that they notice an increase in their own confidence after seeing their photographs. That’s brilliant, because it’s exactly why I love to do this.

It’s the Ultimate Girls Day Out!

It’s all about you and your best friend, sister, mother or daughter having half a day, just the two of you, being pampered, hair, makeup and the creation of the best photograph of you that you ever saw….sound good? Read on…..

We know from experience that most of our clients get anxious before the session and aren’t sure what to bring, so before the session we will talk to you about your day. We will ask you about how you want to be photographed, we will offer advice on what to wear, what to bring with you etc. so that you feel relaxed about your session.

On the day we will take great care of you, we have a great selection of refreshments to keep you hydrated and nourished during your session with us. Our team will style your hair, create a make up look for you, and then we will create photographs of you looking gorgeous.

After the session we’ll get your viewing day booked in and then send you off to paint the town red (we always advise that you have a night out booked for afterwards, because you will look and feel gorgeous!)

When you have your viewing session we promise that there will be no hard sell! Obviously we want you to love your photographs (and also buy them) but we won’t ever pressure you to buy, we’ll leave that to other studios. 🙂 Talking of other studios, we’ll also be open about our prices before your session, we’ve been in that room seeing the price list for the first time, contemplating losing an arm and a leg, and we don’t want you to feel the same way.

The ultimate gift for the lady in your life!

If you would like to buy the lady in your life the perfect gift whether it be for her birthday, your anniversary, Mothers Day, Valentines, Christmas or ‘just because’, you have come to the right place! Buy ‘The Ultimate Girls Day Out’ for her and her best friend, mother, sister or daughter.

We guarantee that they will love the experience (and you for gifting it to her!)

Order online by following the link and within 24 hours we will post you a brochure giving the details of your fabulous gift and a gift certificate for you to give to her in a beautiful envelope.

If you want some really special Images to use for business and personal purposes. John will find the beauty in you!

Nicola Leyland

Beauty Portrait Client

I love the photos. I've had many compliments.


Beauty Portrait Client

It's really life enhancing to have glamorous images - it's been a real morale booster.

Elizabeth Gilkes

Beauty Portrait Client


Here we answer some of the questions that get asked most often. If you still have unanswered questions then please feel free to call or email….

Why should I book with you?

Well hopefully because you would love to have a portrait that takes your breath away, one that makes you look amazing that you and your family can treasure forever. I don’t know a woman alive that wouldn’t want a photograph of herself looking amazing. This is your chance!

To be honest, creating a gorgeous portrait is like baking a cake. It’s about having all the right ingredients, mixing them together just the right quantities of each and then baking it for the perfect amount of time. The ingredients are light, technology, makeup and you. Lots of people take photographs, but no-one specialises in female portraiture like we do. Which means that you are guaranteed great results. I’ve lost count of the number of times that clients have walked in saying I’ve seen what you do, but I’m not expecting that to happen with me……and it does.

I don't look good in photos

I hear this time and time again. I honestly believe that we can create a good portrait of anyone. If you have a history of having bad photographs of you, then it’s unlikely to be your fault, it’s probably because you haven’t been in front of the right photographer in the right light with the right direction.

What should I bring and wear to the session?

It’s the ultimate girls day out, so all your fave clothes, shoes and accessories. Once you book, we’ll send you an information sheet that gives you all the details you need.

Can I buy this as a gift?

Of course! It’s a great gift that the recipient will love you for! If you follow the link on the page you can buy one right now and I’ll post it out to you straight away. Or if you’d prefer something a little more bespoke, just get in touch using the form at the foot of this page and I’ll create a special gift package for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take bank transfers (BACS), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheques and of course good old fashioned cash. There is a small additional transaction charge for cards that we have to pass on.

I'd love to do this but.....

Many of my clients felt the same way. They were worried that they wouldn’t look good enough or that they didn’t know how to pose, that their smile never looks right in photographs, that they couldn’t afford it, that they looked too old, and a stack of other reasons…here’s what they realised….

Their fear… They realised…..
They look too old They are never going to look any younger than they do now and my portraits often naturally take years off, without crazy photo editing.
They wouldn’t look good enough They looked amazing
Their smile always looks false in photos I’m well practised at spotting them now and can almost always get a natural smile
They couldn’t afford it They couldn’t afford not to have amazing portraits of themselves (and it’s never going to be any cheaper than it is now)
They didn’t know how to pose I will take as much time as necessary to show you exactly how to pose for your photographs to flatter your shape (whatever shape you are)

In short, there will never be a better time to do this than now…go on, I *promise* you will love the photographs and if you don’t I’ll give you the choice of either a ‘re-shoot’ or a refund.

What happened to your beautiful studio?

The lease expired and I couldn’t make the business case work to renew it, so unfortunately it has gone 🙁

BUT I am continuing to create gorgeous portraits of my clients so please do get in touch if you would like to get your own stunning portrait.


Clear upfront prices
  • We have a range of gorgeous products which you can see here.
  • Large mounted prints. Investment: From £125
  • Gorgeous leather portrait boxes. Investment: £595 – £995
  • Beautifully framed prints. Investment: £295 – £845
  • Extra confidence as a result: Priceless
  • All products are clearly priced upfront.
  • We accept: [wc_payment_methods methods=”bank-transfer,paypal,visa,mastercard”] plus we have payment plans available

John really is a genuinely nice man, and instilled confidence in me.

Cheryl Aubrey

Beauty Portrait Client

I've never seen so many good photos of myself - ever!!


Beauty Portrait client


You won't be disappointed.

Jane Bennett

Essence Brailes

You deserve it!

You’re worth it, take some time out just for you and a friend, your sister, mother or daughter.

We guarantee that you will love the experience.

Order online by following the link and we will be in touch (usually within one business day) to arrange your session.

Make an enquiry about an Ultimate Girls Day Out

If you would like to enquire about creating gorgeous portraits of you or for a loved one or simply have questions that you would like answers to, please get in touch. You can call me on the number at the top of the website or complete the enquiry form below.

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